Polymer Engineering Directors Board for the Biennium 2019/2020

The Board of Directors of the Polymer Engineering Department took office on March 15, for the biennium 2019/2020, with Olga Machado de Sousa Carneiro as Department Director and António Manuel Cerqueira Gomes Brito as Assistant Director.

In her speech, Olga Carneiro began by thanking the presence of the entire EEUM Presidency members at the swearing-in held at DEP’s premises, noting that “it made the ceremony more public and gave another dignity to this post. I think this is a symbolic act, but it is also important that people realize that there have to be directors so that institutions work, and we really need them to take us seriously and we need everyone’s collaboration. “She also thanked all colleagues, Staff and researchers, “because, with no doubt, without them, we couldn’t do the daily management. And therefore, from now on, I am counting on you on the daily routine and for any specific situation that involves some effort from us. “Finally, she thanked the fact that António Brito accepted the nomination for assistant director stating that she has no doubt that he will dedicate himself to this post with all his energy.


In turn, the President of the Engineering School congratulated the new board team and the board team that ceased functions, thanking the last one for their collaboration with the School of Engineering during that period, and expressed total willingness to assist the new Board team in challenges that they will encounter, mentioning in this context the announcement of the end of the integrated masters.

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