EEUM Alumni create platform that helps choose gyms

Gymious is coming. The platform that helps you choose the gym that fits your needs. Gymious officially reaches consumers on 5 April, the date of the reopening of gyms in Portugal. It is a 100% Portuguese platform that aims to help consumers choose the gym that best suits them.

The idea came from three Computer Engineering alumni from the University of Minho and an alumnus from the University of Coimbra: Paulo Sousa, Diogo Ferreira, Henrique Martins and Leonardo Berteotti. The team is also responsible for the Gymlovers project, where sports lovers share experiences, tips and personal tastes with the community.

Still in its infancy, the platform already has around 30 spaces available. The whole process, both for companies and for the final consumer, is free.

“As gym users we noticed that what we had at our disposal to search for spaces was Google and the information was scarce and disperse. What our application does is search a city for existing gyms and it lists them with their differentiating characteristics”, Paulo Sousa explains to RUM’s microphones.

In Gymious you can get to know the measures implemented by the gym to contain covid-19, the monthly fees charged, whether or not it has group classes, changing rooms, Zumba, type of machines used, among others.

“Our big goal at the moment is to help gyms to expose themselves and be able to recover customers. We want to give a new organised channel, because we believe that clients who have given up will want to find their gym again”, says the responsible person.

Source: RUM

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