EEUM Spinf-off launches children’s book about Coronavirus

“Guerreiros da Saúde contra o Coronavírus” is the name of the digital book developed and made available totally free, by the company Betweien.

This book, developed by the Betweien team, in a concerted manner and in less than 48 hours, aims to respond, to what is the company’s Social Responsibility policy, aiming to keep young people informed about what is happening in the world, with the necessary tools to act in the best possible way.

At a time marked by uncertainty, where children are at home with their parents, unable to go to school, Betweien decided to develop this digital textbook, and make it available online. Through the book “Warriors of Health against Coronavirus”, Betweien seeks to keep up with all young people who have been deprived of classes, due to the most recent pandemic, while explaining, in a totally uncomplicated way, the reality currently experienced and how we can fight it.

The book can be downloaded from Betweien’s official website

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