Professor of EEUM explains the Importance of the Covid Stayway App in the “Rede Casas do Conhecimento”

“How to break the chain of transmission with Stayaway Covid” was the theme of the initiative of the program “Fighting the Pandemic with UM Knowledge”. The initiative “Fighting the Pandemic with UM Knowledge” promoted, in the late afternoon of January 26, another conversation on “How to break the chain of transmission with Stayaway Covid” and invited Professor Rui Oliveira, from the Department of Informatics of the School of Engineering of the University of Minho.

As part of the team that developed the application StayAway Covid, Professor Rui Oliveira showed that the development of this App was a challenge for computer science, especially because it was developed in counter clock to be applied in the fight against the pandemic. During the conversation he made the application known from its purpose to its application. In a very explicit way he presented the characteristics of the App, its operation, the way of data collection and some weaknesses.

STAYAWAY COVID is an application for iOS or Android phones that aims to assist the country in tracking Covid-19. The application allows, in a simple and safe way, each one of us to be informed about risk exposures to the disease, through the monitoring of recent contacts. The application is voluntary and free to use and at no time has access to your identity or personal data.

“Fighting the Pandemic with UM knowledge” is one of the initiatives of the Rede Casas do Conhecimento that contributes to expand knowledge in different areas and have access to diverse information presented by experts and researchers.

The Casas do Conhecimento of the cities of Boticas, Paredes de Coura, Montalegre and Vila Verde have joined this initiative.

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