Student of Physical Engineering has the higher grade of UMinho

Magda Mendes Duarte is the student with the highest grade placed at the University of Minho, in the first phase of the National Contest for Admissions to Higher Education. She chose Physics Engineering with an average of 19, 74.

After completing the course at Carlos Amarante Secondary School, Magda Mendes Duarte decided to follow her passion and apply for the Integrated Master in Physics Engineering. “I was already counting on being admitted in the course,” she says, “but knowing that I had the best grade made me happy about it, it’s good to know that the effort pays off.”

At only 17 years old, and an average of 19.74, she chose Physics Engineering in the EEUM for the enjoyment and motivation, for the discipline and the course ‘s study plan.”I like that physics explains everything, explains how the world works,” Magda asserted.

For the future, she hopes that the EEUM will be the beginning of a successful path. “I would like to help the world in some way,” she says.

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