Tribute to José Manuel Esgalhado Valença at Elsevier

A Special Issue of the “Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming”, Elsevier, was recently published, in dedication to the jubilation of Professor José Manuel Esgalhado Valença, HASLab researcher and Professor Emeritus of the Department of Informatics of the School of Engineering.

A tribute to José Manuel Valença” has the co-authorship of José Nuno Oliveira, Jorge Sousa Pinto, Luís Soares Barbosa, Pedro Rangel Henriques.

The summary of this special issue states that it was “planned as a tribute to José Manuel Esgalhado Valença on the occasion of his retirement. A tribute to a professor, in the deepest sense of the word, a colleague and a friend, but above all to a long and inspiring academic journey that has been so deep and shaped the development of Computer Science as a scientific area in Portugal. A scientific area that, as he taught us, needs to be understood broadly: not only as an independent research but also as an educational pillar, a strategy for social and economic development, a basis for a multifaceted professional career. This preface introduces some steps on such a journey. The Special Issue presents a selection of scientific articles written by his collaborators, colleagues and friends, covering the different areas José Valença helped launch and consolidate in Portugal, namely computational logic, verification and mechanistic reasoning, and information security”.