EEUM researcher receives Best Paper Award in Mexico City

Thiago A. Souza received the best paper award in Mexico City, during the IJCIEOM – International Joint Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management event. The article “Application of Heijunka for Surgical Production Leveling” has the co-authorship of Thiago A. Souza, Guilherme L. R. Vaccaro, Rui M. Lima, Erik T. Lopes and is related to the thesis defended by Thiago Souza in the PhD Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering (PDEIS) in November 2021, oriented by Professor Rui M. Lima from the Department of Production and Systems, Algoritmi Center, School of Engineering of the University of Minho, and by professor Guilherme L. R. Vaccaro from UNISINOS, Brazil.

This work applied concepts and tools of Lean Production in a surgical centre of a hospital in Brazil, with an average reduction in the time of resolution of elective surgeries from 17 to 10 months.

Congratulations Thiago and all the team involved in this project!