The International Society for Intelligent Construction 2022 Conference in Guimarães

ISIC 2022 took place on September 6-9, in Guimarães. This international conference was rebranded in 2019 by the International Intelligent Construction Technologies Group (IICTG), launched in Guimarães, Portugal, during the 3rd International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics in 2016. ISIC 2022 is the third international ISIC conference, following the first conference in Minnesota, USA in 2017 and the second conference in Beijing, China in 2019 and whose mission is “… promote intelligent construction technologies applications to the life-cycle of infrastructure: from the survey, design, construction, operation, and maintenance/rehabilitation by adapting to changes of environments and minimizing risks. The goals of its mission are to improve the quality of construction, cost-saving, and safety.”

At the opening ceremony, the President of the School of Engineering, Professor Pedro Arezes, mentioned that the School of Engineering “also aspires at being a place of inter-disciplinary collaborations and networking,  which means bring people together from several scientific and professional areas and foster ideas’ exchange between academia, practitioners, students, companies, and so on. And I’m very glad to see that this is the same spirit aimed by this conference.”

The EEUM President went on to say that “Even if focused on civil engineering, the core of the conference is to integrate civil engineering, construction machinery, electronic sensor technology, you name it. So, it involves not only a field of knowledge but it has a wide scope, including also people from different scientific areas.

This conference is focused in civil engineering which is an area where the school of engineering has, I’d say, a long and relevant track record and, it’s fair to mention, most of it due to the activity of the Civil Engineering department, and the associated research centres ISISE/CTAC.”

All the information and program of the conference is available at https://icisic2022.com/