Tuna Afonsina interprets “Perdoei” on June 10, a theme to enhance the language of Camões

Tuna AfonsinaOn the day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities, Afonsina launched its latest home made video with the theme “Perdoei”. The theme was chosen for praising the language of Camões, “the one that best allows us to express what we feel”, says Tuna Afonsina in its social networks.

This theme is an original by the immortal Francisco Ribeiro, cellist and composer, with lyrics by Ana Sofia Cid, daughter of one of the great national musicians and composers and ambassador of Portuguese music, José Cid.

Tuna Afonsina also mentions that the letter “acquires a greater relevance in the period we live, puts us in reflection and memory about those we love most and the best moments we spend with them, making us devalue ephemeral situations that before seemed too important; the family, often left to a background, friendships that we forget to nurture, and all those around us, to which we could tie with a smile or a fraternal word. Forgiveness is an exercise in introspection that will allow us to be better tomorrow. If “forgiveness is an attribute of the strong” let us be strong! Let us forgive, so that we may love!” they incite in a publication on their social networks the same day.

Tuna Afonsina says at the end of the publication that “it has many of its Afonsinos scattered all over the globe. This diaspora makes us inserted in the most diverse Portuguese communities. Thus, we dedicate, in particular, this theme to the whole Afonsina family but also to all Portuguese, Valiant and Immortal Nation!”.

The video was broadcasted on RTP’s “Portugal em Direto” program, having closed it, and can be viewed in its entirety here.

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