XXII Meeting of Biological Engineering with the theme “Beyond Engineering”

The Student Group of Biological Engineering were responsible for the organization of the XXII Biological Engineering, which took place between 27, 28 and 29 of November under the theme “Beyond Engineering”. During the three days, was stimulated the debate in several areas, such as the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the planet, as well as the pedagogical and professional formation of future Biological Engineers.

This edition was marked by social responsibility actions, resulting in the raising of € 800 for the institution Streetdogs, and environmental responsibility, illustrated by planting credentials with seed role, and pedagogical responsibility, represented in learning.

The program included several workshops, with speakers such as Adelino Cunha and Paulo Salgado, as well as the participation of various companies, such as Sogrape, Frulact, CIN, Navigator, DST Group, Sonae and Lipor.

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