​PhD Viva: February 2019

February ​PhD Viva

Leonardo Filipe Guilherme Rodrigues
Civil Engineering
Thesis: Robustness of multi-story timber buildings in seismic regions
Supervisor: Jorge M. Branco; Luís A. C. Neves

Ana Catarina Rodrigues Milho
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Thesis: Using synthetic biology tools to create a compact safe phage for Salmonella control in foods
Supervisor: Sanna Maria Sillankorva; Joana Cecília Valente de Rodrigues Azeredo

Elisabete Rodrigues Teixeira
Civil Engineering
Thesis: High Volume Coal and Biomass Fly Ash Eco-Efficient Concrete
Supervisor: Aires Camões Fernando G. Branco

Jorge Miguel Pereira Coutada Miranda
Electronics and Computer Engineering
Thesis: Sensing in Pervasive Healthcare: Evaluation and Design for Senior Citizens and Continuous Care
Supervisor: Jorge Miguel Nunes dos Santos Cabral; Stefan Rahr Wagner

Cristiano Gonçalves Pendão
Telecommunications MAP-tel
Thesis: FastGraph – Unsupervised Location and Mapping in Wireless Networks
Supervisor: Adriano Moreira



All the information about ​PhD Viva can be found at: www.eng.uminho.pt/pt/divulgacaoinstitucional/provasacademicas

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