Media Arts students exhibit work at the Paço Gallery

The Paço Gallery – Rectory of the University of Minho, in Braga, receives until June 23 the “2nd eMMA – Exhibition of the Master in Media Arts“, with a dozen audiovisual works of the students of that course. The entrance is free and the whole academic community is invited to participate.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the artistic director of the gnration space and of the Braga Media Arts initiative, Luís Fernandes, and, on behalf of UMinho, by the director of the Department of Communication Sciences, Felisbela Lopes, the deputy director of the Center for Communication and Society Studies (CECS), Luís António Santos, as well as by the director of the master’s degree, Daniel Brandão, the coordinator of the “Media Arts II Laboratory Project” (the discipline in which the works were developed this academic year), João Martinho Moura, and the students.

“The exhibition has visually and sonically very impactful pieces and is the result of the collective and mutual help spirit lived in this master’s program, which is a true experimental laboratory of art, communication and digital technology,” explains Daniel Brandão. “The students have different personal and professional experiences, which allows them to cross interests, technological knowledge, and artistic sensibilities,” he adds. The show, which had a first edition in 2022, is one of the results of the course’s study plan in its relationship with society, hoping to arouse the curiosity of those interested in the area, students, and researchers.

The Master in Media Arts was born in 2021 and aims to strengthen the centrality of UMinho in the cultural and creative plan of Braga, which since 2017 is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. This master’s degree is a collaboration of the Institute of Social Sciences, the School of Engineering and the School of Architecture, Art and Design of UMinho, with the support of Braga Media Arts and gnration.

SOURCE: GCI UMinho | Photos: Joana Sousa