ALGORITMI researchers win Best Paper Award at ICCSA 2023

Francisco dos Santos, Lino Costa and Leonilde Varela, researchers from ALGORITMI Research Centre/LASI, received the Best Paper Award with the paper “Multi-objective optimisation of the job shop scheduling problem on unrelated parallel machines with sequence-dependent setup times”, at the 23rd International Conference on Computational and Applications (ICCSA 2023) that took place from 3 to 6 July in Athens, Greece.

The main conclusion of this study, based on the statistical analysis of optimisation results for this type of production scheduling problem, is that the use of multi-objective approaches is advantageous because they facilitate decision-making in an industrial context taking into account different performance measures, says Lino Costa.

Francisco dos Santos and Lino Costa belong to the SEOR group of the ALGORITMI Research Centre/LASI and Leonilde Varela to the IEM group of the ALGORITMI Research Centre/LASI.

The School of Engineering congratulates the researchers for this recognition.