EEUM is the most represented School in the Sports Awards

Last January 11th, the University of Minho awarded the Sports Merit Awards to 101 students in a ceremony that took place at the Panoramic Restaurant of UMinho, at the Campus of Gualtar, in Braga. The university thus rewards once again the students who combined sporting excellence with academic success in 2018/2019. In all, 101 student athletes who achieved excellence in 12 sports will be distinguished with the Sports Merit Awards. Futsal and Football 11 were the sports with the most awards.

This was, above all, a moment of homage to the student athletes who, individually or collectively, achieved podium places in the International University Championships or became National University Champions and, at the same time, obtained more than 50% of the credits in the respective academic year.

The 101 awarded students received the scholarship and the respective certificates that attest to their excellence in sports and academia. These came from 42 UMinho courses, with the schools most represented in this year’s electives being the School of Engineering (52), the School of Sciences (16) and the School of Economics and Management (12).

Futsal, whose women’s team was national champion and the men’s team won bronze at the European University in Braga, was the sport that saw more athletes elected to receive the prize (24). In the second position was the Football mode of 11 with 16 athletes and in the third position were the disciplines of Handball and Roller Hockey with 12 winners. Of these 101 students who were awarded, 27 are female and 74 are male.

The session was attended by the Rector of UMinho, Rui Vieira de Castro, the Administrator of the Social Services, António Paisana, the President of the Academic Association, Rui Oliveira, the President of the Commission of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of the Assembly of the Republic, Firmino Marques, of the Vice Mayor of Braga, Sameiro Araújo, of the Vice President of the Academic Federation of University Sports, Alexandre Gencer, of the Director of the Portuguese Sports Confederation, Filipa Godinho, among other local and national university, political and sports leaders.

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