EEUM promotes MEETING – Engineering, Technology and Design

The EEUM organised the event aimed at new students enrolled in the School in the 2018/2019 academic year. The event took place on the 17th October at the Campus of Azurém, in Guimarães.

The M[EE]TING – Engineering, Technology and Design aimed to gather and raise awareness of about 700 new students. In order to inform students on career management, this event, currently in this third edition, also aimed at revealing different professional pathways in students’ several training areas, the importance of curriculum enrichment was also discussed, namely by participating in activities organised by the EEUM, the Academic Association or Student Groups, throughout the academic year.

During the afternoon, students had the opportunity to talk to alumni of School of Engineering who presented different pathways and competencies and showing the relevance of extracurricular activities and entrepreneurship

“This occasion is a great way to integrate new students into the Schools’ dynamics. At this stage, students still have few notions about what they are going to do from now on. This is undoubtedly an opportunity for them to understand that their learning curve should be built from the first year”, Rosa Vasconcelos, President of the Pedagogical Council of the EEUM, highlighted.

EEUM: “M[EE]ting is very focused on the future, i.e., for what we can become five years from now. I know I will face some difficulties, but I am sure collaborating with my colleagues will be really helpful”.

This second edition of M[EE]TING – Engineering and Design was designed as part of the challenge launched by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES), so that universities and polytechnics carry out positive integration activities for new students. Therefore, this event is part of the Exarp platform calendar (which means “praxe” – academic traditions, in reverse). This platform was created by the General Directorate of Higher Education (DGES) with the aim of promoting cultural, sports, The photo album of M[EE]TING – Engineering and Design is available at EEUM’s Facebook.

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