EEUM receives Direction of Information Systems of Health Ministry

On June 19th, EEUM hosted the ‘Robotics and Innovative Technologies’ Unit of the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health. Its mission is to promote, implement and dynamize solutions in the areas of robotics, wearables, IoT and artificial intelligence in health.

During the visit, Dr. Maria do Carmo Borralho and Dr. Ana Taleigo – representing the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health – met with members of the Research Centers Algoritmi and CMEMs, and in an open conversation there was an exchange of several R & D projects with the potential to generate innovative solutions for health.

Examples are the development of tools to support decision-making in the early diagnosis of neurological diseases (eg different types of Parkinsonism) and rare diseases (Fabry disease), personalized prostheses, walking support devices, assisting robots for minimally invasive surgeries ( neurosurgery and surgery to varicose veins), robotics and autism, exoskeletons controlled by the brain, among others.

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