Haslab project on user experience allows advances in the analysis of programming platforms

The OutSystems Learnability Model 2 (OLM2) project, a service delivery project between the High-Assurance Software Lab (HASLab), the CCG – Computer Graphics Center and the OutSystems company, allows to improve the user experience of the OutSystems development platform, in order to respond even better to the needs of the most inexperienced programmers.

In order to characterize the user experience of the Service Studio platform, OutSystems’ low-code development platform, the OLM2 project team analyzed the first use of two user profiles, that is, profiles with and without programming experience. Specifically, this analysis made it possible to develop and validate tools to support this analysis, namely, analysis metrics, data visualization mechanisms, taxonomies, among others, and, through them, to know the interaction characteristics of each profile.

These results will allow OutSystems to automate the analysis of how Service Studio is used and support the definition of strategies to improve the user experience of the platform itself. It was also proposed lines of evolution of the platform in the medium and long term.

For José Creissac Campos, responsible for the HASLab project that is now ending, “this project has allowed the development of new scientific knowledge in the area of programming platform analysis”.

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