Little Scientists Explore Biological Engineering at EEUM

On the 6th of February, 52 students from two classes of the 3rd year of Colégio Leonardo da Vinci were at the School of Engineering, on the campus of Gualtar (Braga) to participate in the activity Little Scientists, organized by the Centre of Biological Engineering and the Department of Biological Engineering.

In the activity “Let’s take a look at the molecules and microbes studied by CEB scientists”, young scientists are invited to get to know the different microbes and some properties of molecules up close. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa are microbes that surround us and help us live well. However, they can also cause us diseases. Students were thus able to observe these microbes under a microscope and carry out experiments to understand how they live and what they feed on.

This initiative aims to stimulate the curiosity of the youngest about the world of Science and Engineering, more specifically Biological Engineering, allowing these “little scientists” to travel through the world of microorganisms – our greatest allies!