New best student of UMinho enters Aerospace Engineering

Pedro Araújo is the new best student of UMinho and comes to the new Aerospace Engineering course, with 19.98 values.

Pedro Araújo is the new best student of the University of Minho in 2022/23. He enters Aerospace Engineering with 19.98 values, coming from Externato Camões, in Rio Tinto, Porto district. In the podium of those who arrive at this academy with better classifications join Nuno Morais, from Santa Maria Maior Secondary School (Viana do Castelo), who enters Computer Engineering, and Carolina Mendonça, from Arcos de Valdevez Primary and Secondary School, who enters Law, both with 19.82 values.

“I got good marks in secondary school and in the national exams, but I didn’t expect to be the best among the 3000 new students of this university”, confesses Pedro Araújo. The secret of his results was to apply himself “seriously, when it was really necessary”.

The 17-year-old had gone once with his parents to the Azurém campus, in Guimarães, where he will study Aerospace Engineering, and appreciated the environment. “I like this scientific area, which has several challenges and paths to explore, and I chose UMinho for its novelty and proximity, because the course is a first and because Guimarães is relatively close, so I will come every day by train”, he explains.

Pedro Araújo is now curious to integrate himself in academic life and is considering the opportunities offered in the institution, such as sports, cultural groups and associativism. For the future, he is cautious. “I’ll gradually see which area I most fit into and then I should go on to a master’s degree”.


Welcome Pedro Araújo to the School of Engineering of UMinho!