New Management Team of the Textile Engineering Department

Jaime Isidoro Naylor Rocha Gomes, Full Professor of the Department of Textile Engineering at the EEUM, was elected Director of the Department of Textile Engineering for the biennium of 2019-2021, on February 12th.The management team also counts with António Pedro Garcia Valadares Souto, Assistant Professor at DET, as assistant director.

In his speech, Professor Jaime Rocha Gomes mentioned the various constraints that affect all departments of the School of Engineering, noting that “this mandate will not be an easy task”, but expects greater motivation from all employees. Also in this regard, he also mentioned his focus on accelerating the vacancy process in the department: “if people know they have a place they can occupy, they can be more motivatet.”

The dean of the EEUM, Professor João Monteiro expressed the entire availability and openness of the Presidency to discuss all the problems that the department is facing. He said, following the statement by the new director of the DET, that “a Department, has to function as a whole and for that, it is essential that there is always motivation.” He underlined the importance of the Degree and the 2nd cycles in the Design areas, and the number of students og the Department, and stated that “we have the capacity to grow. There are two bets: the Degree Course and the Integrated Master are absolutely essential for the Department. The next challenge is the end of the Integrated Master’s Degree (… ) The Department must consider this challenge and the Presidency has an opinion: both the Polymer Engineering Course and the Textile Engineering Course should remain as First cycle undergraduates, regardless of the format they may have and we shall not go through paths that allow these degrees to be copied in Polytechnics and with lower quality versions.This is our opinion, but the debate must be made in the Department and we will accept the decision regardless as it will be, obviously, in Scientific Council.” He finished reaffirming the availability of the Presidency of the EEUM for solving problems and made mention of the recent history of it: “While I’m here, I will be available to help with the problems, as I was during these past six years, in which the Department went through complicated phases, including a phase in which it was almost extinguished administratively and the EEUM Presidency did not allow it.It is always worth remembering some things from history: on June 6, 2013, this was a possibility for the Department of Textile Engineering and was stopped by the School of Engineering. While I’m here, I repeat and reaffirm, you can count on us for whatever it takes. “

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