Production and Systems Department takes over Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Department of Production and Systems (DPS) met for the first time on 21 February 2024 at UMinho in Azurém.

This meeting, chaired by the Director of the DPS, Paulo Sampaio, was attended by the members of the Council, which provided an opportunity for constructive debate and reflection on emerging areas in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management. The Council also reflected on the urgent need to match human resources to the structure and functioning of the Department.

The contributions gathered will be shared by the Department Council in order to continue defining the DPS’s positioning and action strategies.

The DPS Advisory Board is made up of the Director of the Department, Paulo Sampaio, four DPS Professors, Nélson Costa (Deputy Director of the DPS), Carina Pimentel (Course Director of LEGI), José Valério Carvalho (Full Professor of the DPS), Maria Madalena Araújo (Full Professor of the DPS), and five personalities from the scientific, pedagogical and professional community, Daniel Mendes da Silva (Director Global Procurement Operations, Amazon), Hugo Gonçalves (Director of Information Systems, The Navigator Company), José Sarsfield Cabral (President, Portuguese Association of Management and Industrial Engineering – APGEI), José Manuel Fernandes (Member of the European Parliament) and Marco Bravo (Executive Director, University of Texas School of Engineering).


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