Public Presentation Mith – Minho Innovation and Technology Hub

On 25 October, the MITH – Minho Innovation and Technology Hub” Public Presentation took place at Sítio.co, with talks on ‘Trends and Technologies of the Future’.

More than just a space for entrepreneurs, the MITH – Minho Innovation & Technology Hub is an infrastructure that will connect the academic community and beyond to a set of resources, interfaces and partners that will help startups scale their businesses.

This initiative was part of the ECONOMY – INNOVATION & FACTORY OF THE FUTURE month programme, organised by the Municipality of Guimarães with the support of the Guimarães Business Association and AEMinho, with Porto Canal and the Editorial Vida Económica Group as media partners.

The session ‘Trends and Technologies of the Future’ was supported by the Casais Group, the SITIO.Co coworking network and TEDxPorto, and featured Pedro Arezes, President of the School of Engineering, in the area of Aerospace Engineering, André Matos, CEO of Dtx – Digital Transformation CoLab, in the area of Digital Transformation, and Cláudia Pascoal, from IB-S, in the area of Biosustainability and Sustainable Development.