Rui Oliveira is the new President of the Students’ Union

The student of Mechanical Engineering took office on January 3rd, after winning the election on December 3rd 

Rui Oliveira, student of Mechanical Engineering at the School of Engineering, took office as President of the Students’ Union of the University of Minho (AAUM) for the 2020 mandate, replacing Nuno Reis. In a ceremony that took place in the Medieval Room of the University, in Braga, Rui Oliveira guaranteed that the new members of AAUM are prepared to commit themselves to the student community.

The ceremony was attended by Rui Vieira de Castro, Rector of the University of Minho, Nuno Reis, outgoing President of AAUM, Rui Oliveira, elected president of AAUM for the new year, Valente de Oliveira, president of the General Council of the University of Minho and several representatives of civil entities.

The increase in funding for Social Action, the reduction in fees and the expenses that students have with food, transportation, accommodation and school supplies were issues mentioned by Rui Oliveira in his speech.

 The rector of the University of Minho considered that “AAUM’s commitment to students has always been the key”. Rui Vieira de Castro also challenged the new direction for the development of initiatives that promote greater participation by the academic community, a obstacle to overcome.

In this ceremony, the other bodies of AAUM – Fiscal and Jurisdictional Council and Bureau of the General Meeting of Students also took office. André Cardoso took the place previously chaired by Sofia Alcaide at the Bureau of the General Meeting of Students and conducted the session. In the Fiscal and Jurisdictional Council, João Rocha replaced Vítor Campos in charge of this body.

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