School of Engineering takes part in UMinho’s Poetic Brigades

Diogo Cunha, Pedro Arezes, Rosa Barros, Teresa Monteiro and Victor Soares were the members of the School of Engineering community who took part in the “Poetry on Campus” initiative, organised by groups of students from the Arts and Theatre departments as part of UMinho’s 50th anniversary.

On 6 November, the “poetry brigades” burst into the classrooms of the Gualtar and Azurém campuses to recite poems by Amália Rodrigues, Mário Cesariny, Natália Correia and Eugénio de Andrade, who would be 100 years old if they were alive (twice the age of UMinho), surprising students from all over the University of Minho.

This initiative also had the collaboration of António Durães, an actor and director who has lived in Braga since 1986 and has been a member of the Sindicato de Poesia collective since it was founded.