Science and Technology Week CEB 2023

Between 20 and 25 November, the Centre for Biological Engineering and the Department of Biological Engineering at the University of Minho (CEB-DEB-UMinho) opened their doors to the 2023 edition of Science and Technology Week, an initiative promoted by the Ciência Viva Programme.

This initiative is aimed at the school public and the community in general, so that everyone can feel part of the world of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, fostering an approach to scientific research.

The week’s programme consisted of the following initiatives:

SMALL SCIENTISTS – Small scientific activities were held on 20 November, where the little ones had the opportunity to travel through the world of microorganisms – our greatest allies.

CEB ON EXHIBITION – On 22 November, Vila Verde’s Casa do Conhecimento opened its doors to a unique experience of scientific discovery. Throughout the day, researchers from the Centre for Biological Engineering (CEB) at the University of Minho exhibited fascinating projects and experiments. This was an opportunity to see the world of Biotechnology and Biological Engineering come to life. In addition, this exhibition is a place where students can discover topics of interest to them, which may influence their future academic choices.

At the same time, CEB researchers presented scientific topics in a variety of lectures. From biotechnology and bioengineering to food, industry, the environment and applied health, there were topics of interest to everyone. These talks can open doors to new perspectives and inspire future careers in science.

The lectures that will be held during the event were available to watch remotely via the Casas do Conhecimento network, allowing interested parties who couldn’t be physically present the opportunity to follow these lectures and actively participate in them.

CEB TALK – Open to the whole community, CEB Talk2023 took place on 23 November at FNAC in Braga Parque and was a session that brought together some of the most renowned researchers from the Centre for Biological Engineering for a moment of relaxation and uncomplicated knowledge about their areas of research.

Débora Ferreira: “Super (bio)particles in the fight against cancer”

Salomé Duarte: “Super-microorganisms that transform waste into energy”

Carlos Costa: “Microbes: the little giants that create big factories”

OPEN DAY @ CEB-ESCOLAS – On 24 November, schools were invited to explore the world of science and technology through visits to our laboratories. Participants had the chance to meet researchers and experience activities that demonstrate the principles of Biological Engineering. This is an event that inspires young people and promotes interest in and understanding of scientific innovations, giving schools a privileged view of the work that goes on in laboratories.

OPEN DAY @ CEB – On 25 November, the general community had the opportunity to see up close the research carried out at the Centre for Biological Engineering.

VIRTUAL VISIT TO CEB: A VISIT TO THE WORLD OF BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING – The aim of this visit to the Centre for Biological Engineering (CEB) is to get participants to discover our world – that of biotechnology, in all its different aspects, by making virtual contact with the different realities of our research laboratories.