Student Group recognises teaching staff

The UMinho’s Students’ Group of Industrial Engineering and Management – NEEGIUM created an initiative for the recognition of all the professors who teach the different years of the Integrated Master in Industrial Engineering and Management, by the students of this course.

The diploma ceremony took place on the 13th July and the following lecturers were recognised:

1st Year – Maria Teresa Malheiro, lecturer in Calculus;

2nd Year – Filipe Alvelos, Operational Research lecturer;

3rd Year – João Nuno Costa Gonçalves, professor of Stochastic Models of Operational Investigation;

4th Year – Luís Pedro Basto, lecturer in Reliability and Maintenance;

5th Year – Rui Manuel Alves Silva Sousa, lecturer in Advanced Lean Tools.

According to Joana Fraga, president of NEEGIUM, “the nucleus intended with this project to motivate the teachers who have the possibility to be recognized directly by the students for their performance and commendable work throughout the year and also to increase the motivation of the students who feel heard and involved”.

More information about the initiative can be found here.