Student of the School of Engineering at the world’s largest festival of creativity

Valesca Bender is responsible for communicating the event that reaches 115 cities, also bringing it to Braga and Guimarães for the first time

World Creativity Day is being celebrated in a record of 115 cities in 15 countries, with 1220 free online creative education activities. Portugal joins this year from Lisbon, Porto and, debuting Santo Tirso, Braga and Guimarães. The general communication of the event and the connection between pivots of the 115 cities counts on Valesca Bender, student of the master’s degree in Fashion Design and Communication of EEUM. World Creativity Day is celebrated on April 21 and activities took place in the following days, given the strong adhesion of society to this initiative, which is supported by the UN.

“This world day is marked by the first in an online format, due to the pandemic. We do it as an act of resistance and optimism, showing that creativity is a very powerful tool that we have at this moment to overcome challenges ”, says Valesca Bender. This designer and researcher in creative and collaborative economics was initially accepted as organizer of the event for Braga and Guimarães, thanks to the broad program she proposed. But its action ended up spreading to the world, having this month, for example, promoted two daily sessions on social networks with different agents to share knowledge, namely actions of education and entertainment for children and adolescents in the current context.

In the case of Minho, the three dozen online sessions help citizens to be creative in times of crisis and to develope soft skills, but they also provide tips on how to write good stories, produce viral videos, create empathic design, invent study tables with waste or enhance cultural aesthetics. The 23 speakers include names such as the founder of InspireAção, Grazi Cavenaghi, actress Leila Silveira, artist Acácio Viegas, entrepreneur Rui Aspas, musician André Pereira Sousa, pedagogue Iracema Correia and gastronomic journalist Ana Luiza Beniz. The contents can be viewed live or recorded at www.worldcreativityday.com.

World Creativity Day was instituted by the United Nations in 2017 and has become the largest collaborative creativity festival on the planet, valuing its importance for problem solving and sustainable development. “This is an opportunity for us to learn more and rethink the way we (con) live. To judge less and experience more ”, defines the Brazilian Lucas Foster, the founder of this community that brings together educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, decision-makers, researchers, organizations and civil society.

+more info: https://www.uminho.pt/PT/siga-a-uminho/Paginas/Detalhe-do-evento.aspx?Codigo=55909&fbclid=IwAR1osOEKLM7lbhiDOl3SDyoUZOvsR2yWAkwIblFynIX2IZ2s-1bd4xoBjHo

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