The opinion of the President of the Academic Association on the positive side of the digital experience in Higher Education

Rui Oliveira, President of the Academic Association of UMinho and a student of the School of Engineering, writes an article for the “mais superior” platform

Under the motto “Can we get something positive out of this digital experience?”, Rui Oliveira reveals his opinion about the digital transformation in Higher Education that we have seen due to the new coronavirus.

In the “mais superior”, the student of the School of Engineering defends a model in which, from now on, a video with theoretical exposition of the content would be made available “previously to the students, before the face-to-face class, and would serve as support material for them. The classes should be limited to the debate and the exposition of doubts or the resolution of problems and practical cases ”. However, Rui exposes flaws and difficulties that he recognizes in this model, stressing that “without the time pressure and with new arguments and experiences, we will be able to start a necessary and fundamental reform of the learning models in Portugal. I hope so and I believe so. ”

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