Afonsina – UMinho’s Engineering Tuna celebrates its 30th anniversary

Afonsina – UMinho’s Engineering Tuna celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024. Its actions transcend academic boundaries, raising the artistic, cultural and traditional spirit of Guimarães and UMinho.

Afonsina’s “Public Presentation – 30 Years” event took place on 13 January at Largo da Oliveira, in Guimarães, with the aim of publicising this year’s agenda of activities, such as the commemorative logo, the “30 years” merchandising, an exhibition, a documentary, the second CD and a cycle of concerts. The event was presented by the coordinator of the Afonsina 30th Anniversary Commission, João Pinheiro.

There was also a round table with the participation of the president of the UMinho Academic Association, Margarida Isaías, the president of the UMinho School of Engineering, Pedro Arezes, and the councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Guimarães, Paulo Lopes Silva, as well as current and former members of Afonsina.


Video report (2m35s): facebook.com/tunaafonsina/videos/1711647132660349

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