Article on Taekwondo performance evaluation highlighted with Best Paper Award

Researchers from the ALGORITMI Centre Pedro Cunha, Vitor Carvalho and Filomena Soares received the Best Paper Award for their article “Development of a Real-Time Evaluation System for Top Taekwondo Athletes – SPERTA” at the SENSORDEVICES 2018 conference in Italy.

The SENSORDEVICES 2018 conference focuses on sensor technology and its applications in areas such as wearables, IoT, biometrics, computer vision, smart cities, location, among others.

The main goal of the project is the development of a reliable and accessible system to evaluate the performance of high performance Taekwondo athletes in real time. The system consists of an Orbbec Astra 3D camera composed of an RGB sensor and a depth sensor connected to a computer for data acquisition and processing.

Aiming to provide real time accurate feedback for the correction and improvement of the athlete’s technique, allowing an increase in performance in a short period of time. With the objective of evolving Taekwondo training techniques and the technical improvement in Taekwondo practice.

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