EEUM and INESC TEC welcome Haim Levkowitz, world computing expert

The Chair of the Computer Science Department at the Massachusetts Lowell University, Haim Levkowitz, visited INESC TEC and the School of Engineering of University of Minho, on May 20, 23 and 25, respectively, under the Staff Mobility for Teaching of the Erasmus+ programme.

This visit focused on the expert’s 50 year-experience working in the field of computing, enabling some opportunities for research and collaboration, and on supporting participants to improve their written and verbal communication skills in the area.

Haim Levkowitz made two presentations, in Porto and Braga, under the theme “Human-Information Interaction: Just for geeks? Not anymore!” dedicated to the advancements of computing, and their challenges, over the last five decades.

In addition, the international speaker oversaw the hands-on session “Writing Scientific Papers in English Successfully: Your Complete Roadmap”, together with Ethel Schuster, a professor at Northern Essex Community College, in which he shared some tips and guidelines on how to write scientific papers. In this session, with a strong practical character, the participants had the opportunity to take their papers and improve them with the speakers’ help.

Haim Levkowitz has been Chair of the Computer Department at the University of Massachusetts Lowel since 2016, and a member of the same department since 1989. He has been in the field of academic research since 1982 and computer science since 1972. He is the author of “Color Theory and Modeling for Computer Graphics, Visualization, and Multimedia Applications” and co-editor of “Perceptual Issues in Visualization“, as well as many publications on these topics. He is also co-author/co-editor of “Writing Scientific Papers in English Successfully: Your Complete Roadmap“.