BOSCH-UMINHO Partnership presents preliminary results of “Factory Of The Future” Program

Factory of the Future

The BOSCH partnership | UMINHO presented on June 2nd the preliminary results of the Program “FACTORY OF THE FUTURE: Smart Manufacturing”, in an internal event at the BOSCH facilities in Braga.

The Innovation Management Meeting enabled partners and teams to learn about the developments achieved in each project and the constraints felt so far, becoming a way of disseminating knowledge internally.

The first internal event was attended by BOSCH Braga management (Lutz Welling and Carlos Ribas), program directors (António Pontes and Pedro Pereira), program managers (José Oliveira and Eduardo Pinto), project managers, PMO’s and some team members.

The 22 innovation projects of the program “FACTORY OF THE FUTURE: Smart manufacturing”, a university-company consortium between the University of Minho and Bosch Portugal, were presented individually. The research, development and innovation (ID+I) projects are grouped in five main areas: Quality Control; Logistics; Production Process; Industrial Operations Management; and Business Process Management.

This innovation partnership involves an investment of approximately 26.3 million euros, with the aim of generating new scientific and technological knowledge for the development. of industrialization, production and quality control solutions for new systems and products.

The optimization of industrial processes moves the Research & Innovation teams from Quality Control to Business Intelligence.

For the optimization of Quality Control, researchers develop knowledge in research projects of: “Optical Calibration Alignment and Inspection (OCAI)”; “Testing – New Approaches to Test Concepts”; “New Inks for Printed Sensors”; “Temperature and Warpage Monitoring under Thermal Processes During PCB-A Production”; “Pin in Paste Component Soldering Simulation”.

In the improvement of the Productive Processes, there are projects dedicated to the “Development of Reliability Improvements of Solder by Nanoparticles Addition”; “Development of Application Methods for Conductive Adhesives in SMT Assembly” and “New Assembling JIGs Concept”.

Industrial Operations Management comprises projects, such as: “Integrated Sample Shop Management (ISSM)”; “Integrated Software Platform for Project Management in Industrial Settings (ISPPMIS)”; “Innovative Industrial Human-Robot Collaborations for Improved Ergonomics Competitiveness”; “Training for Operators with new Methodologies”; “Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)”; “Development of the Intelligent Industrial Management System – SIGI”.

In the Business Intelligence area the following projects are under development: “Global Data Collection and Processing”; “Real-Time Information Processing”; “Unified Report and Analytics” and “Artificial Intelligence for Business Processes”.

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