U.S. Armed Forces visit Engineering School

At the request of the United States Army and Navy, the Chair of the School of Engineering met with some of their representatives, in order to analyse the possibilities of research collaboration between the School and both branches of the American Armed Forces. The opportunities discussed included funding for research projects, support for conferences/workshops, as well as visits by researchers/experts to US Army laboratories/centers to discuss and plan collaborative research, among others, in the areas of Networks, Electronics, Materials Sciences (structural, electronic, photonic), Mechanical Sciences, Computer Sciences, Energy and Power Technologies, Aeronautics, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Sensors, Nanotechnology and Information Technology.

Thus, in a process coordinated by the School Presidency (via the Office of Internationalization and Vice-President of the Department), an agenda was organized for the delegation of the U.S. Armed Forces to visit, on May 25th , some EEUM research centres, namely 2C2T and the Fibrenamics interface, ISISE and CTAC in the morning. In the afternoon, the delegation visited the research centre ALGORITMI, and the interface PIEP.

The delegation included Kelly K. Risko, Science Advisor, Aviation and Missile, U.S. Army DEVCOM – Atlantic; Elena McCarthy, Science Director for Ocean Battlespace & Expeditionary Access, Office of Naval Research Global, London; Jonathon Brame, Basic & Applied Research Team Lead (London), U.S. Army DEVCOM Atlantic / Army Futures Command; and Hollie Pietsch, Basic & Applied Research Team, U.S. Army DEVCOM-Atlantic (London).

The funding programme will be permanently open, and an online session will soon be organised to publicise the various opportunities, promoted by the Armed Forces in collaboration with the Engineering School.