Civil Engineering Merit Scholarship Ceremony

Practically all civil engineers graduated at UMinho have a guaranteed job

The School of Engineering delivered, last May 18, 13 scholarships and merit grants to students who successfully completed the academic year and all curricular units.

Practically all the civil engineers graduated in the School of Engineering of the University of Minho have a guaranteed job. The guarantee was given by the director of the Department of Civil Engineering, Professor Rui Ramos, to the microphones of RUM.

Currently, the organic unit trains around 30 new civil engineers per year, lower numbers when compared with the years 2008/09 when the offer was large but the market was more saturated. Nowadays, the reality is different, as companies fight for this human resource that is considered “scarce”.

“If there is not a 100% level of employability it is because some students opt for different paths or to do a PhD or join research projects,” he adds.

On 18 May, the organic unit delivered 13 study and merit scholarships that are supported by four companies: dst group, Casais, Costeira and Mota Engil. This scholarship consists of the payment, by the companies, of the fees of the student who successfully concluded the school year and all the curricular units.

The ceremony to award the 13 Civil Engineering merit scholarships took place at the Azurém campus, in Guimarães.

Due to the end of the integrated master’s degrees, the School of Engineering is currently assessing the format of this scholarship awarding process that began in 2014, so that this will continue to be an opportunity both for Civil Engineering students and for partner companies.