DeepLearning 2022 Spring in Guimarães co-organized by ALGORITMI Centre

It is held for the first time in Guimarães the spring edition of this prestigious event of IRDTA – Institute for Research Development, Training and Advice.

At the end of the morning of April 18th, Domingos Bragança, Mayor of Guimarães City Hall, attended the DeepLearning 2022 Spring event, getting acquainted with the evolution of the works of this important international event, organized by IRDTA – Institute for Research Development, Training and Advice (Brussels/London). This is an event that acts as an international school in Deep Learning (deep structured learning).

Deep learning is a computational learning technique that teaches computers to do what is natural for humans (learning by example), being a key technology for cases such as autonomous driving of vehicles or voice control of consumer devices, among others.

Domingos Bragança highlighted the importance of holding an event of this nature in Guimarães, at a time when the approval of a new course on Data Science that will operate at the School of Engineering of the University of Minho is already known, and at a time when data is fundamental for technological innovation and essential for decision-making in various areas of human activity. The Mayor is pleased that Guimarães has been chosen for the spring event, joining the cities of Luleå, Sweden (autumn), and Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (summer), a sign that the municipality’s bet on a development that has Science as one of its pillars is not going unnoticed.

The event took place between April 18 and 22, in Guimarães, which happens for the first time, being also the first to be held in the spring months. The co-organisation is in charge of Algoritmi Centre (UMinho), LASI Laboratório de Associado de Sistemas Inteligentes (UMinho), School of Engineering (UMinho), Rovira i Virgili University, from Tarragona, Catalonia, and the Municipality of Guimarães. The organising committee includes Dalila Durães, José Machado and Paulo Novais, from UMinho, Carlos Martín-Vide, from the University Rovira i Virgili, and Sara Morales and David Silva, from IRDTA.

For a 5-day program, participants from 27 countries (19 European countries), from 5 continents, of which we highlight South Africa, Australia, South Korea, USA, Lebanon, Morocco, Russia and Turkey, gathered at the Hotel de Guimarães. The classes, in hybrid format (in person and via streaming), are given by renowned experts, with highlight to Keynote Speakers Kate Smith-Miles, University of Melbourne, Miahi Surdeanu, University of Arizona, and Zhongming Zhao, University of Texas.

More information at https://irdta.eu/deeplearn/2022sp/