Communicating with Art – Engineering and Humanities in Dialogue

The training sessions promoted by IDEA Centre are not only a space for disseminating and sharing teaching/learning methodologies and tools, but also enable teachers from the University of Minho from different UOEIs to get to know and interact with each other, but with the same concern for teaching. It was in one of these sessions that Filomena Soares, lecturer of the School of Engineering and Sílvia Araújo, lecturer of the Institute of Letters, Arts and Human Sciences met and started the joint sharing journey where Engineering and Humanity intersect.

The success of this collaboration was extended to students. Thus, the challenge was set to the students of Control Theory (CT) of the MSc’s in Biomedical Engineering and Physical Engineering and to the students of Corpus Linguistics (LC) of the MSc in Translation and Multilingual Communication to develop a joint project: the CT students created multimodal contents within the scope of control systems and the LC students edited and made these contents available in Portuguese and English on a digital platform, in a user-friendly format.

On June 25th, at 2:00 pm, in a virtual space, the works developed in the session “Communicating with Art – Engineering and Humanities in Dialogue” were presented to the UMinho community.

“Interesting”, “Innovative”, “Beneficial”, “Involving” and “Useful” were the words used by students to describe this experience. “Challenging”, “Demanding” and “Enriching” were the words used by the lecturers to describe this experience.

Regarding this experience, Filomena Soares says “There is always room for improvement, but the Engineering and Humanities dialogue is, without a doubt, to be continued! And why not also promote other dialogues?”

This is the challenge launched by the professor to the whole community of the School of Engineering.