DataCoLAB led by SGS counts with the participation of UMinho

The Collaborative Laboratory for Data Driven Innovation Services – DataCoLAB was formally established on 16 July, in Viana do Castelo.

DataCoLAB, recognized as a Collaborative Laboratory by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) for a period of five years, renewable, after an evaluation process by a panel of international experts, is composed of several entities, led by the multinational company SGS and co-sponsored by the companies FI Group and Smartwatt. Representing the scientific world, this structure counts with the presence of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, the University of Minho, the University of Porto and the New University of Lisbon. The Viana do Castelo City Hall is a partner in this dynamic, holding a key role so that this kind of initiatives can happen in the sub-region of Alto Minho.

This Collaborative Laboratory aims to promote and carry out Research and Development (R&D) initiatives and activities oriented towards the creation of a cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem, with multidisciplinary stakeholders, that will use data to redefine the way we produce, consume and live, from data generation and standardisation to data analysis and development of tools to support decision-making, ensuring data integrity and security throughout the value chain. The consortium understands the specificities of the different value chains, therefore identifying some data spaces to develop specific services and innovation initiatives.

DataCoLAB will then develop specific and tangible knowledge that will be transferred to the market in order to maintain and increase companies’ competitiveness and also to raise awareness of the need to adapt these companies to the emerging reality of data-driven innovation. It will also respond to concrete market needs, grounding its developments in the real challenges of the distinct value chains. The creation and promotion of Collaborative Laboratories, through the Interface Programme, has had the main objective of creating, directly and indirectly, qualified employment in Portugal, in close association with the social and economic valorisation of knowledge.

Paulo Sampaio, professor at the School of Engineering who led the involvement of UMinho in the creation of this new Collaborative Laboratory, states that “in the current world in which we live, a structure of this nature and with the objectives that DATA CoLAB proposes is extremely pertinent to its creation. Given the immensity of data that is generated daily by different organisations, both national and global, it is necessary that tools exist and work is developed to help in the interpretation of these data, in order to extract quality information that allows to better support the decisions taken. Having the University of Minho, in particular the ALGORITMI Centre of the School of Engineering, internationally recognized researchers in the area of data science, it was “mandatory” to be in this project, which is undoubtedly important for the region of Minho and Northern Portugal, but obviously also for the country. Still regarding the participation of UMinho in this Collaborative Laboratory, the professor also highlights that “UMinho was invited to chair the Scientific Board of DATA CoLAB, which should make us proud, since it is, in a way, a recognition of the importance of our University in this scientific area”.

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Source: UMinho