Spin-off from UMinho launches heritage management software

The technological company Keep Solutions, born in the School of Engineering of the University of Minho, presents this Thursday, September 30, Museo 2.0, a heritage management software that aims to bring the public closer to culture. The session takes place at 2:30 pm, online, with registration at keep.pt.

Museo guarantees the inventorying, management and communication of institutions that hold tangible, intangible, documentary and multimedia cultural heritage. It allows managing several museum nuclei in a single interface and, in parallel, combine the dissemination of heritage wealth with tourism, education and science, says the executive director of Keep Solutions, Miguel Ferreira. For example, it is possible to manage collections, create virtual exhibitions, propose itineraries, promote activities or take the collection to new audiences. The platform is accessible by computer, smartphone or tablet and also incorporates multimedia content such as video, audio and 3D objects.

“The goal is to bring culture to people’s homes”, emphasizes Miguel Ferreira. The software seeks to simultaneously meet the needs of institutions (gaining visibility), museum professionals (simplifying processes, according to the guidelines of the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage) and citizens (better use of services).

Museo 2.0 is an improved version of the one created and launched in 2014, and is already being implemented in partners and clients such as the Faculty of Human Motricity of the University of Lisbon, the sound repository “Audire” of UMinho, museums of the Municipality of Beja, Águas do Douro e Paiva and clients of the previous version will have the upgrade, from the Museum of the Presidency of the Republic to the museums of the municipalities of Ponte de Lima and Chaves, among others.

Keep Solutions was created in 2008 by a professor and former students of Computer Science and Informatics of the School of Engineering UMinho, and is based near the campus of Gualtar in Braga. It develops advanced solutions for information management and preservation. Its archiving software Archeevo was considered by the European Commission as the best in the market.

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