DPS professor supports ESTIEM in the project of curricular analysis of Industrial Engineering and Management courses in Europe

With the idea of being the number one source of information on Industrial Engineering and Management in Europe, ESTIEM is now undertaking the biggest research ever in curriculum development by designing a European Database on IEM Curricula, both on the bachelors and the Master’s degree.

Rui M. Lima, professor at the Production and Systems Department of EEUM, is responsible for creating the framework for the CV database, together with Diana Mesquita (researcher in the area of HR).

The professor explains that the team developed a framework of analysis and classification based on 5 major general areas and 19 specific subject areas, which is being gradually applied to hundreds of IEM program degrees in Europe. As an example of this framework, a course related to manufacturing technological processes is classified as part of the “design and manufacturing” specific area, which integrates the “Engineering” general area. As a result of this analysis, it will be possible to understand what the main emphasis of each programme in different universities are. As an example, University of Minho has a strong focus in “operations management” specific area. General results will be gradually presented during the following months.

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