EEUM no ShanghaiRanking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2022

Shanghai Ranking has recently published the results of ShanghaiRanking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2022, following the collection and evaluation of data from over 5000 universities in 54 specific areas of teaching and research.

Created in 2009, this ranking classifies higher education institutions in a set of 5 indicators, which include the number of articles published in the most prestigious journals in each scientific area, their impact and the level of international collaboration of these publications.

The University of Minho achieved its highest rankings in the areas of Food Science and Technology (Department of Biological Engineering) and Civil Engineering (Department of Civil Engineering), in which it is respectively part of the Top 75 and the world Top 100 of higher education institutions.

Three areas highlighted UMinho in a leading position among Portuguese universities in their respective scientific fields: Law (Top 150), Education (Top 400) and Communication (Top 300).

Other ten teaching and research areas of UMinho were also recognised in this evaluation, and marked their presence in the respective rankings. In the area of Engineering, Biomedical Engineering (Top 200), Biotechnology (Top 300), Mechanical Engineering (Top 400) and Materials Science and Engineering (Top 500) were also nominated; Psychology (Top 400), Political Science (Top 400), and Management and Business (Top 400), in the area of Social Sciences; Pharmaceutical Sciences (Top 400) in the area of Medical Sciences; Human Biology (Top 400) in the area of Life Sciences and Physics (Top 500) in the area of Natural Sciences.

More information: www.shanghairanking.com/rankings/gras/2022