José Vieira and Paulo Pereira receive the title of Professor Emeritus of UMinho

José Manuel Pereira Vieira and Paulo António Alves Pereira, full professors at the School of Engineering’s Civil Engineering department, received the title of Professor Emeritus of the University of Minho on 31 January.

José Vieira was director of the Centre for Territory, Environment and Construction (CTAC) and the Civil Engineering Department of the School of Engineering, and was pro-rector and vice-rector of the University of Minho. He was the first Portuguese to chair the World Federation of Professional Engineering Associations (WFEO). He has also chaired the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI) and the Portuguese Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, and has also been a member of the National Water Council (Ministry of the Environment), the Superior Council of Public Works and the general assembly of the International Solid Waste Association, among others.