EEUM professor debuts in fiction with “The Sheffield Cell”

José Mendes, full professor at the School of Engineering of UMinho, launched his debut novel, “The Sheffield Cell”, on 25 March, at the University of Minho Gallery, in Largo do Paço, Braga. The presentation was given by the television commentator Luís Marques Mendes. The 308 pages police novel and thriller is published by Porto Editora.

Synopsis of the work

Karim’s destiny is set in stone, and it will be no different from that of all the other children who, like him, wander the streets of Cairo. It is completely impossible to escape the poverty in which he lives. Everything changes when he meets the elderly Islam, who leads him through the winding road of Islamic indoctrination and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Karim’s footballing talent leads him, with the help of his mentor, to the biggest Egyptian club, and later to the English city of Sheffield, in search of the dream that could change his fate. But a dizzying spiral of events soon engulfs him in a web of hate, betrayal and terror. His life becomes worthless. All in the name of Allah.

José Gomes Mendes – Biographical note

He was born in Braga and spent his childhood and youth in Lisbon. Fate made him return to his origins, and he became a full professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of UMinho and president of the Mestre Casais Foundation. He was Secretary of State in two Portuguese governments and held positions in international organisations, such as the European Commission and the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance.

His taste for writing was born from the experiences he had while travelling, which took him to almost a hundred countries in all continents. He is the author of non-fiction works on cities, in particular “The Future of Cities”. He was a columnist for “Jornal de Notícias” and is a columnist for “Diário de Notícias”. “The Sheffield Cell” is his fiction debut.

+Info: https://www.portoeditora.pt/produtos/ficha/a-celula-de-sheffield/25842524



Jose Mendes