REC2019 – XV Conference on Reconfigurable Systems

The XV Conference on Reconfigurable Systems took place on the 14th and 15th of February at the Azurém Campus of the University of Minho, bringing together the national scientific community with activity and interests around reconfigurable electronic systems, with emphasis on digital programmable devices designated by FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array).

In order to promote knowledge and debate of ideas and cases, to foster the creation of future collaborations and to facilitate the integration of new members into the scientific environment, the program included the presentation of communications on consolidated and ongoing work, presentation and debate of ideas and experiences around already developed works, finished master’s projects, doctoral projects in development, projects in search of partnerships, national / international projects in progress and starting, pedagogical experiences related to the teaching of reconfigurable systems, among other subjects of interest to the community.

Two panels, entitled “The Importance of Reconfigurable Systems in Industry” and “10 Year Challenge: What Changed in Teaching and Research of Reconfigurable Systems?” were also part of the program, with the moderation of João Monteiro (DEI-UM), Luís Gomes (FCT-UNL) and João Cardoso (DEI-FEUP) respectively.


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