EEUM R&D centres attract attention at FIC2

The School of Engineering took part in FIC2 – Curtir Ciência International Fair, promoted by Curtir Ciência – Centro Ciência Viva de Guimarães, on 24 and 25 May at IDEGUI.

Represented by our R&D Centres CEB – Centre of Biological Engineering, CMEMS – Centre for Microelectromechanical Systems, UMinho, ISISE-Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering, CTAC – Centre for Territory, Environment and Construction, IPC – Institute of Polymers and Composites, and 2C2T – Centre for Textile Science and Technology, we showed kids and adults what we do on a daily basis, and what drives us!

Curtir Ciência, in partnership with Sociedade Martins Sarmento (SMS), also sealed a “time capsule” on 25 May, which will be opened on the same day in 2049. The capsule, which was deposited in the garden of the Martins Sarmento Society at 5pm, holds objects and testimonies selected and written by various personalities and organisations, such as the Mayor of Guimarães, the Rector of the University of Minho, the heads of the Engineering (Professor Pedro Arezes) and Science schools at UMInho, the SMS, the Raul Brandão Municipal Library, the Curtir Ciência board and various Ciência Viva Clubs at the school.

The aim of this initiative, which is part of the Curtir Ciência International Science Fair programme, is to enable those responsible for the organising institutions and participants to assess, in 25 years’ time, what the participants’ apprehensions and expectations for the future were, based on the testimonies and objects collected, as well as to see how science and technology instruments have evolved, for example.