EEUM researcher publishes in journal with high impact factor

Ashis Tripathy, a researcher at the CMEMS – Center for MicroElectroMechanics Systems, has published a paper in the journal Materials Science & Engineering_Reports, one of the world’s most prestigious journals in the field of engineering and new materials and multi-functional structures, with an Impact Factor IF=36.214.

The published paper with the title ‘Nature inspired emerging sensing technology: recent progress and perspectives’ targets one of the strategic research areas of the research center namely the development of manufacturing technologies as well as materials and structures inspired by natural, multifunctional, and environmentally sustainable processes and structures.

This group, led by Professor Filipe Samuel Silva, has 7 PhD researchers and 25 PhD students, and has developed several innovative solutions that use hybrid additive manufacturing processes, inspired by natural processes, to obtain multifunctional solutions for shoe soles, collector coins, medical implants, various sensors, implants with diagnostic and therapeutic functions, among others. These works are carried out with a number of diverse companies, and have already resulted in several solutions with international patents.

Ashis Tripathy
Ashis Tripathy