EEUM Spin-off proposes to reduce the environmental footprint at Christmas

The “Green Santa Claus” project proposes to reduce the environmental footprint at this season, as in the wrapping paper, the little lights and the shopping mall race, via free online sessions, reaches more than 10,000 students from 100 primary schools in the country.

The director of Betweien, Narciso Moreira, explains that the goal is “to raise awareness among children of the excesses committed during the Christmas season, which have a strong negative impact on the preservation and sustainability of the environment”.

The book “The Green Santa Claus” is the starting point of the online sessions, which can include animated reading, a play, a debate and original music about the values of the narrative, reinforcing the relationship with children.

In recent years, that book has been the target of 300 presentations for 20 thousand children, has 12,500 copies sold and has become a reference when Christmas, education and environment are associated.

“We will continue to spread this message of ecological awareness throughout Portugal, including the islands, which will have a double impact on schools with the ABAE Eco-Schools award,” says Narciso Moreira.

The author of the book highlights that “environmentally responsible behavior will never take away the charm and magic of Christmas for children.

The initiative is from Betweien, the School of Engineering of the University of Minho, has the support of the Blue Flag Association of Europe (ABAE) and extends until Christmas.

Betweien was born in 2011, in Braga, and bets on educational innovation in multiple supports, raising awareness of various social issues, relying on partnerships of singers, actors and youtubers. It also assumes itself as the only national company to promote junior entrepreneurship in primary and secondary education. One of its books in this field, “Senhor empreendedorismo” had an Angolan edition, highlighted at “Forbes Brasil” and was converted into a video game.

Source: Renascença Radio

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