EEUM student receives Education Grant awarded by the Jogos Santa Casa

Financial support aims to recognize the merit of those who reconcile the academic path with the sporting career.

Seven students from the University of Minho, including Joana Cunha (Master in Industrial Engineering, Taekwondo) received education grants from the Jogos Santa Casa, in partnership with the Portuguese Olympic Committee. This financial support aims to facilitate the conciliation of the academic path with the sports career.

A total of 54 scholarships were awarded to athletes attending higher education who are integrated into the Tokyo 2020 Project or the Olympic Hope Project, for a total amount of around 130,000 euros.

For the School of Engineering student and European university champion in 2019, Joana Cunha, “This type of support is very important to maintain our focus on what is the practice of sport in high competition and attendance in higher education, two activities that require our utmost, with high demand. The rate of athletes dropping out of school has decreased and these awards are an excellent help for all those who pursue a successful dual career in both areas”.

For Carlos Alberto Videira, director of the Department of Sports and Culture of the Social Services of the University of Minho, this recognition proves that high performance sports and higher education are reconcilable worlds. For the manager, these athletes are the best calling card for the work of promoting dual careers that has been done in the institution. “We are a true Champions Academy at all levels”.

The Jogos Santa Casa Grants ceremony was attended by the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, João Paulo Rebelo, who said that there was “room to progress and to support more athletes”, at the same time that he launched a challenge: “to study and dedicate themselves to sport and training in the same way”.

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