Electronic toys are being adapted for Children with special needs

Since 2006, the Robotics Group of the School of Engineering has been adapting electronic toys for one week of the holiday season so that they can be used by children with special educational needs which need traditional toys adapted to their needs and therefore have a high market value.


In 2019, Robotics Laboratory of the Department of Industrial Eletronics was open from 9 to 13 December to implement the initiative, in a partnership with charity institution Saluslive, University of Minho, the company of eletronic components botnroll.com and Martins Sarmento Society, which gave up its space to adapt toys on the 11th, allowing more public to see the work in progress.


The adaptations are made by students and teachers of the Department of Industrial Electronics and the toys are then delivered to charity institutions that host special children in various locations in the region of Minho. Although the adaptation is different for each toy, the degree of complexity and time may vary. But this does not deter students and teachers, in a spirit of volunteerism and dedication to the cause, accompanied by a Christmas spirit of playfulness and joy, turning dreams into joy.

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