Engineering School receives a visit from the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte

The Presidency of the School of Engineering received, on March 29, a committee from the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte, composed of four elements from this institution, namely, José Arnóbio de Araújo Filho, Rector of IFRN; Sérgio Ricardo Barroso Farias, Chief of Staff of the Rectory; Antonia Francimar da Silva, Pro-Rector of Planning and Institutional Development, and Samuel de Carvalho Lima, Advisor for Extension and International Relations.

The purpose of this delegation’s visit was the renewal of a collaboration protocol with the University of Minho, as well as a visit to the Institute of Education and the School of Engineering, in the scope of the already existing collaboration at the level of doctorates.

IFRN and the University of Minho signed, in 2011, a technical and scientific cooperation protocol. The protocol provides for the continuous contribution to training and improvement of professionals in the pedagogical area and in scientific and technological research. Since its inception, the partnership has involved the Schools of Engineering, Science, Economics and Management, Psychology, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and the Institute of Education. The purpose of the partnership – which has been expanded over the years – is to carry out scientific projects aimed at local/regional development and at improving the qualifications of IFRN’s students.