Farfetch brings challenge to the Master of Systems Engineering Journeys

Sustainable Logistics and Mobility Solutions were the motto of another MES – Master in Systems Engineering, which took place on February 19, at the Gualtar campus of the University of Minho.

The opening session was attended by Prof. Maribel Santos Vice-President of EEUM, Prof. José Machado, Director of ALGORITMI, Prof. Maria Sameiro Carvalho, Director of DPS, Prof. Paulo Afonso, Director of MES and Duarte Lopes of AAUM.

The programme began with a lecture entitled “Sustainable Logistics Solutions”, with Nuno Ulisses Costa (Innovation and Processes Manager – Luís Simões), followed by Talks on “Sustainable Mobility” and “Labour Market Challenges”. There was also time to listen to the testimony of João Gonçalves alumni MES currently at Bosch, a Workshop on “Career Management in Social Networks”, the “Farfetch Challenge: Visual Retrieval”, as well as dissertation presentations and Best Student Award.

The challenge that Farfetch presented to MES students is to use Computer Vision techniques in order to identify Farfecth products in photos. More information will be available soon on social networks. Stay tuned!

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